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North Point Outdoors is one of very few contractors holding the Certified Irrigation Contractor (CIC) designation from the national Irrigation Assocation (IA) in partnership with the U.S. EPA WaterSense program. As a CIC, North Point Outdoors has proven the skills, experience and expertise required to meet the licensing commonly required in NH, MA, VT, RI, CT, & NJ. 

 Our highly trained and experienced Irrigation Technicians have the equipment, tools and knowledge to install and service any size, type and brand of irrigation system. From the Spring Start-Up, Mid-Season Checks, Water Audits and Fall Winterization we ensure that your sprinkler system is fully functional and meet the EPA WaterSense requirements.

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commercial irrigation service

commercial irrigation

Spring Startup

The Spring Start-Up service is a very important to ensure that all sprinkler heads, nozzles, sprays and control clocks are functioning and set properly.

Our Irrigation Technicians activate and start-up your properties sprinkler system. A thorough inspection of all controllers, valves, rotors, sprays, drip line and sensors ensure that the system is running efficiently and conserving water during every cycle. A customized schedule is created based on site conditions and water requirements of the turf, trees, shrubs and annuals. Minimizing over-spray, leaking seals and proper function of rain sensors saves significant water resources and money throughout the watering season.

Mid-Season Check

Commercial irrigation systems tend to be larger and often times use city water sources. This means that every gallon of water sprayed costs money. Because these systems typically operate during the overnight hours leaks and broken heads can often times go unnoticed for long periods of time. After a few months of watering, we recommend a Mid-Season Check as part of the irrigation contract package. This service is designed to follow the guidelines used during the initial start-up process. The entire system is once again inspected for issues, damage and inefficiency. At this time, a mid-season customized schedule is created to ensure the landscape is protected during the peak heat and sun of the summer months.

commercial irrigation nh

commercial irrigation system

Winterization / BlowOut

Proper winterization / blowout of large commercial irrigation system is a very large and serious responsibility. Removing water and pressure from all parts of the sprinkler system is required to avoid extensive damage during freezing conditions. Our trained irrigation technicians have the knowledge and ability to thoroughly winterize commercial sprinkler systems.

Smart Technology

Irrigation Management & Water saving technology has dramatically increased since the initial installation of your sprinkler system. Whether your system runs off of a well, pond, lake and especially city water, we have multiple water saving controllers, sensors, and test equipment to reduce overall water and electrical use associated with running a large commercial  irrigation system or multiple locations across regions or country. 

Outdoor AMI Technology

Flow Control Sensing & Alerting

NEW: Internet Capable Smart Controllers allow assigned users to adjust, schedule, and monitor the operation of the entire system remotely.

Central Management Systems for Corporate & Multi-Location Businesses


Rachio smart sprinkler controller

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