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Our 3D digital landscape design software allows you to test drive your landscape investment. We create scale designs that allow you to virtually walk through your new outdoor space. You will know how the completed landscape will look before we ever put a shovel into the ground. Personalized walk-through video and pictures not only ensures our design approach is aligned with yours but also lets you share your vision with friends and family for their input and opinions.

Not everyone can envision the transformation of an existing landscape into a beautiful final project. If that sounds like you, believe us, you are not alone. Unless you have  prior experience or a trained eye this is a very difficult thing to do. For years, landscape designers and landscape architects have created beautiful designs on paper using circles and symbols.  For those of us who need to a little more 'realism' to help us feel comfortable a 3D landscape design is just what you need. No need to wonder what the circles mean or symbols mean. Our designs take out the guess work. There is a reason hundreds of customers have been speechless with our Dream to Reality Designs. 

The North Point Outdoors design staff has the ability to generate stunning detailed 3D digital designs or photographic overlay images of your home. This takes the guess work out of how your project will look once completed. You wouldn't buy a new car if someone drew an outline of one on a piece of paper would you? We didn't think so. 

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How It's Done

A scaled landscape architecture plan, actual picture or satellite image of your property is imported into our custom software. Our design team uses their unique skills to layout the precise location of hardscape and plant materials, feature elements and terrain grading. This software provides us with the exact square footage and dimensions of all materials and features which we use to create accurate and detailed proposals. We take the guess work out of required material quantity to increase the accuracy of our estimating.

Past Projects

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