Erosion Control & Specialty Services

Erosion Control & Blow-In Services

North Point Outdoors utilizes a 13-yard capacity Finn 1208 Pneumatic Bark Blower with a 1200 CFM Rotary Compressor to provide the following erosion control and material transfer services. Our equipment and crews are capable of installing bulk materials including bark mulch, certified playground chips, compost, loam, sand, crushed stone and pea stone up to 600' from the truck. The benefits of blown-in installation include clean material handling, access into sensitive, confined or elevated spaces, reduction of damage from heavy equipment, increased safety as well as reduced labor required by other common means.

We are one of very few contractors servicing New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine that is capable of handling the wide variety of uses for commercial clients, contractors, site developers and residential homeowners.

blow-in services

silt sock

Silt Sock / Wattle / Silt Fence / Drain Guard

NPO crews provide erosion control installation services to meet SWPPP and site development erosion control plans. On-Site silt sock installation or Pre-Manufactured palletized products are available to meet the needs of any construction project. Silt and Filter Socks are infilled with wood chips, mulch blends, saw dust or compost in either 8", 12", 18" & 36" diameter Heavy Duty or Biodegradable silt socks.
Continuous length installations reduce possibility of blow-out and displacement. Silt Sock reduces the need for labor and maintenance compared to Hay Bales and straw wattles.

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Common Uses Include:

  • Check Dam
  • Filter Ring
  • Inlet Protection
  • Perimeter Control
  • Runoff Diversion
  • Bank Stabilization
  • Bioswale
  • GroSoxx - Living Wall

Bark Mulch Installation

Fast and Efficient installation of premium bark mulch reduces labor and provides a uniform layer of mulch in large and small landscape beds. Production of 100+ yards/day minimizes impact of mulch installation in heavy use or traffic areas. Bark Mulch installation can also be used to stabilize slopes, construction sites excavations, and material piles to minimize job-site runoff.

Custom blends of bark mulch are available. 

bark mulch blower truck

loam installation

Topdressing & Loam Installation

Using our pneumatic blower trucks we are able to blow-in loam and composted soils into areas that cannot be access by traditional earth moving equipment. This process is known as Terraseeding. 

Struggling lawns may need an application of compost to add organic materials and nutrients back into depleted soils. Our blower trucks gently apply a thin layer or compost over the lawn without the need for heavy equipment and re-grading. Existing turf continues to grow and benefits from the new organic nutrients in the compost. New seed germinates and establishes quickly. 

This service is great for thin lawns, sports field topdressing, hard to access material relocation with minimal disturbance to existing landscapes. 

Certified Playground Chips

Installation of Certified Playground Chips required at Public Schools, Municipal Parks and Play grounds benefit from blown-in installation by reducing impact of heavy equipment and labor required.

Pneumatic application results in a light and soft installation of chips in an around delicate playground structures without risk of damage. 


certified playground chips

equestrian riding arena

Equestrian/Riding Arena

Animal bedding and riding arena installations provide a safe and targeted installation of bulk materials with minimal impact and liability of operating heavy equipment around livestock.

Elevated Beaches & Leaching Systems

Lake front properties often lack easy access of equipment required to transport sand and soils. Our equipment can be used to efficiently transport sand for elevated beaches and beachfront refurbishment. We also have experience with installation of sand for remote leaching fields and utility trenches.

leaching system

green roofs

Green Roofs and Rooftop Material Transfer

Transfer of rooftop planting media, soils, and stone onto a rooftop by our specialized Finn 1208 blower truck reduces labor by directly installing the material into planting beds, planters and spreading stone aggregates evenly of rooftop. Compared to costs associated with utilizing a crane you will find pneumatic installation to be both safer and cost effective.

Commercial, Civil, and Marine Construction

Pneumatic material transfer can be used to install materials such as sand and stone into buildings for interior excavation backfill as well as targeted transfer of materials for civil construction for bridge, highway and roadway projects. Our equipment has been utilized from a marine barge to assist with material transfer onto islands and areas that heavy equipment cannot access.

marine transport

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