Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Mowing

Beautiful green grass is the basis to a great looking landscape. Our trained lawn maintenance teams will take the burden of mowing the lawn off your to-do list. We service your lawn weekly with commercial grade lawn mowers and sharpened blades. We trim all landscape beds, driveway and hardscape edges with vertical string trimming to create a manicured appearance. Before we leave, any grass clippings and debris are cleaned off of your driveway, walkway, patios and landscaped areas. Your only responsibility will be to take your shoes off, relax and enjoy your manicured lawn. We highly recommend combining our lawn mowing services with an annual fertilization program.

lawn mowing
seasonal cleanup

Seasonal Cleanup

We offer Seasonal Spring and Fall Cleanups to help wake-up your lawn for the summer and prepare it for a long winter. In the fall we remove all of the leaves and debris from lawn, landscaped areas, and hardscapes and mowing the lawn to prepare for dormancy. In the Spring we prepare your property for new growth by removing leaves, limbs, and debris before edging the landscape beds and de-thatching during the first lawn mowing service. Seasonal cleanups will provide you with a healthy, safe and beautiful lawn year-round. We recommend a Bark Mulch Installation service after the spring clean-up is completed.






Bark Mulch

Our Bark Mulch Installation Service includes the application of 1.5 to 2 inches of premium bark mulch. The application of bark mulch helps planting beds retain moisture in addition to giving the beds a clean, fresh and manicured look. We offer 4 great colors including Black Cedar, Dark Pine, Hemlock, and Red Cedar.

Our Bark Mulch is installed using the 'Blown-In' method using our Finn 1208 Bark Blower Truck. The blown-in application provides for a clean, smooth and uniform installation with minimal damage to existing landscape, turf, edges. We have found this service to reduce installation costs by reducing labor requirements.

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bark mulch
lawn fertilization

Turf Care & Fertilization

A custom, annual fertilization program is the key to a healthy, green and lush lawn. With the correct application of fertilizers, pre-emergent crabgrass control, broadleaf weed control, enhanced lime application and grub treatments, you will notice a substantial increase in the quality of your turf. For the best possible results, we recommend our Irrigation, Compost Topdressing and Core Aeration services to compliment our lawn care program.


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Annual Plantings

Annual plantings are the secret ingredient to a jaw dropping landscape. Many gardens are designed with perennial plantings in mind but it is the annual flowers that create the vibrant details and eye catching beauty. We can custom design an annual planting package to compliment your existing landscape with vibrant spring and fall annuals that will flourish with little care and provide abundant seasonal color and enjoyment.

Spring  | Pansies |       

Summer  | Petunias | Impatiens | Marigold |       

Fall | Mums | Hay Bales| Grasses | Corn Stalk | Pumpkins |

annual plantings


Decorative Trees and Shrubs are the prominent feature of all properly maintained landscapes. Overgrown and unruly shrubs and trees immediately detract from the overall appearance of your property. We offer pruning services throughout the growing season and into the dormant period of the winter months depending on the species and conditions. Proper pruning ensures that your shrubs and trees are properly maintained and cared for to increase their health and extend their life cycle. Our goal is to ensure that your landscape investment is protected and sustainable. If your shrubs and trees are too overgrown we have the ability to selectively remove and replace them with new varieties.



Core aeration is most beneficial mechanical application you can perform for your lawn. It relives soil compaction to allow air, moisture, and nutrients deep into the root zone, letting your lawn reach its full potential. We also offer over-seeding with this service to introduce new turf growth during the cool fall growing season.

Maximize core aeration results with overseeding or compost topdressing.

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Additional Outdoor Services

We offer our customers a wide variety of additional outdoor property services that are handled by our in-house crews or outsourced to our group of approved sub-contractors. We are proud to offer the ability for our clients to have a one source contact for all types of outdoor property maintenance services.

  • Large Field / Property Line Mowing & Brush Clearing
  • Lawn Topdressing / Compost 
  • Pet Waste Removal
  • Pressure Washing
  • Seal Coating
  • Mosquito & Tick Control

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