Commercial Maintenance

A Professional Approach

A results-driven account manager will be directly responsible and dedicated to the quality of your landscape and service support. Our goal is to partner with our clients to create customized commercial landscape maintenance packages that suit the needs and requirements of your property's landscape and budget. Services will be scheduled and supervised by your account manager. A direct line of communication ensures that any specific requests or possible enhancements are executed in a timely fashion.

When servicing your site our crews will be in a full company uniform complete with reflective vests. Trucks and trailers are clean, clearly marked, and will be parked discretely while our crew works.

Our full-service capability provides our clients a single source service provider.

New Hampshire commercial property showing professional landscaping

Seasonal Clean-Ups


A thorough Spring Clean-Up is the first step in waking the turf and landscape up from its dormancy. By removing the left behind winter debris, deep and distinctive bed edges and its first seasonal lawn mowing service we leave the property with a fresh and flourishing look to start the growing season.


Proper winterization of your grounds and landscaping starts with a through and well-timed Fall Clean-Up Service. Removal of fallen leaves, debris, and a final mowing serve to feed and protect the turf during winter dormancy. Using specialized equipment, we have the ability to efficiently load and dispose of leaves and debris off-site.

Our full-service capability provides our clients a single source service provider.

Leaf blowing by a New Hampshire commercial landscaper

Bark Mulch Installation

The application of Blown-In Premium Bark Mulch is the perfect way to bring a vibrant base of color, weed protection, and moisture protection to landscaped areas. Installed correctly, Bark mulch provides a layer of soil, plant, and erosion protection.

Our dedicated mulch installation trucks significantly increase the productivity of applied mulch allowing it to be installed in a timely manner with little disruption to traffic and customers.

Bark mulch installation truck parked outside Raytheon in Massachusetts

Turf & Grounds Maintenance

Weekly lawn maintenance services focus on the task of turf mowing but also incorporate a full grounds maintenance service. Our skilled landscape technicians take an all-inclusive approach to the weekly servicing of your property.

Our skilled landscape technicians determine the correct cutting height every time, taking into account the weather and existing turf conditions. Vertical string trimming of all edges helps maintain a clean and distinctive separation from the turf. Before exiting the property all hard surfaces are thoroughly blown down and cleaned of all clippings, trimmings, and debris.

Professional landscaping of a retail property in Massachusetts

Fertilization & Turf Care

The North Point Outdoors fertilization programs are tailor fit to site specific commercial turf management and enhancement. We offer customized programs to fit all types of properties, budgets and expectations.

A custom, annual fertilization program is the key to a healthy, green and lush lawn. With the correct application of fertilizers, pre-emergent crabgrass control, broadleaf weed control, enhanced lime application and grub treatments, you will notice a substantial increase in the quality of your turf. For the best possible results, we recommend our Irrigation, Compost Topdressing and Core Aeration services to complement our lawn care program.

Fertilization services being performed by a New Hampshire commercial landscaper

Annual Flowers

Many gardens are designed with seasonal plantings in mind. We strive to compliment the existing landscape with fresh perennials and annuals that will flourish with little care and provide abundant seasonal enjoyment.

Spring: Pansies
Summer: Petunias | Impatiens | Marigold
Fall: Mums | Hay Bales| Grasses | Corn Stalks | Pumpkins

Beautiful and colorful flowers in planting beds

Shrub & Tree Pruning

Decorative Trees and Shrubs are the prominent feature of all properly designed landscapes. Caring for and pruning these specimen trees takes a high level of horticultural expertise, experience and an eye for balance and sustainability. Understanding the growing habits, flowering cycles and overall health is the foundation of a proper pruning service.

Our pruning services not only improve unsightly overgrowth but also increase the overall health and form of the trees and shrubs. We offer pruning services throughout the growing season and into the dormant period of the winter months depending on the species and conditions. Our goal is to ensure that your landscape investment is protected and sustainable.

Pruning being performed by a New Hampshire commercial landscaper

Shrub & Tree Care

Decorative and shade trees and shrubs bring substantial value to your landscape. They provide interest and become a natural focal point on your property. Proper care and service to protect them from insects, disease and stressful conditions will ensure they remain full, lush and vibrant for years to come. If you are noticing a slow decline in the health of your trees and plantings, please reach out to discuss our service offerings.

  • Dormant Oil Application
  • Tree & Shrub Insect/Disease Control
  • Root Zone Excavating and Composting
  • Deep Root Fertilizing and Feeding
  • Anti-Desiccant Application
Tree spraying performed by a New Hampshire landscaping company


Investing in your landscape can lead to large returns on your investment. Our and affordable and popular enhancement services create visually attractive elements and bring a distinctive focus to storefronts, signage, entrances, and other high traffic areas.

  • Perennial Color Plantings
  • Decorative Tree Plantings
  • Mulch Cultivation
  • Aeration and Over-Seeding
  • Top-Dressing
  • Irrigation Add-On
  • Landscape Design/Build
Landscaping around a commercial building in New Hampshire

Additional Services

We have found that our property owners and managers have enough tasks to handle on large and sprawling landscapes. To provide further assistance and bring additional value to your relationship with North Point Outdoors, we provide management for a wide variety of common property maintenance needs.

  • Detention Pond & Retention Pond Maintenance - RC Lawn Mowing
  • Weed & Invasive Species Control
  • Granite and Asphalt Curb Repair
  • Sweeping and Porter
  • Large Tree and Storm Damage
  • Brush Clearing and/Property Perimeter Cut back
  • Pressure Washing
  • Seal Coat and Line Striping
  • Drainage Solutions
  • Fencing
Bobcat preparing an area for commercial landscaping

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