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"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results." – Andrew Carnegie

Dave Fairburn
Dave Fairburn|CEO

Co-Owner of North Point Outdoors, Dave is the chief visionary of the company. He is responsible for thinking outside the box to create our long-term vision, mission and direction. He creates the tools and approach that help the team execute The North Point Difference.

Dave is an Irrigation Association Certified Irrigation Contractor and holds a NH Supervisory Pesticide License in Turf and Right of Way. He is a Certified Snow Professional and is working on becoming a SIMA Certified Snow Professional & Landscape Association Industry Certified Manager.

Dave is an avid pilot and enjoys weekend flying around New England with his wife Danyell and daughter Henley. Dave holds a Commercial Single & Multi-Engine Certificate with an Instrument and Seaplane Rating.

Andrew Pelkey
Andrew Pelkey|COO

Co-Owner of North Point Outdoors, Andrew is our head of operations. He is the force behind executing the North Point Outdoors mission and direction of production crews. He provides diligent oversight of our office and division mangers to focus the overall direction, goals, and leadership of our growing team. His commitment to his team and customers is what The North Point Difference is all about.

Andrew is working on becoming a SIMA Advanced Snow Manager (ASM) and Landscape Association Industry Certified Manager.

In his free time Andrew can be found snowboarding with his wife Caitlyn in NH, CO, or UT or enjoying his summer getaways on Cape Cod, and hiking with his dog Maggie.

Mike Pellerin
Mike Pellerin|VP of Business Development

Mike joined the North Point team in 2013. He has held multiple roles over the years, first as the Maintenance Crew Leader and Snow Area Manager, then sliding up into a Production Management role, and landing as the VP of Business Development.

With over 20 years of experience in the landscape industry, Mike has the skills and drive to manage both our landscape maintenance and snow clients while actively partnering with new clients. Mike is a Certified Interlocking Concrete Paver Installer and holds a MA A1 Hoisting License. His current project is studying for his SIMA ASM certification.

When Mike puts his work phone down, he can be found on weekend trips to the lake with his Wife Kim, son Brayden, and daughter Avery.

Rob Fairburn
Rob Fairburn|VP of Operations

Rob started his career in the landscape industry with Dave and Andrew, many years before North Point Outdoors inception. He has been a vital part of our rapid growth and has served every role in our operations from irrigation service and install, lawn maintenance, design/build, & equipment operation. Rob has the uncanny ability to excel at everything he does. He never surprises us with his professionalism, attention to detail and desire to go above and beyond.

Rob oversees our Division Managers and overall operations & training of our crews and equipment. He ensures the crews have the tools, equipment and training they need to do their job and consistently provide the quality that our customers have come to expect.

Rob is working on the Irrigation Association Certified Irrigation Technician and SIMA CSP. He holds a MA A1C Hoisting License.

When we can get Rob to stop working, he enjoys adventuring with his wife Cassie and their dog Archie, along with traveling to new places around the world.

Kristen Baker
Kristen Baker|OM/Controller

Kristen joined the North Point Team in 2008 as a receptionist. She now serves as our  Financial Controller and Office Manager. Kristen handles the daily operations of our office staff and leads her team to provide a high level of customer service responsiveness and professionalism to our customers. She manages and develops our CRM processes, directs AP/AR and is our top line customer service director. 

In her free-time Kristen enjoys spending weekends on her boat with her husband Chris and daughter Aubrey. When she's not sailing the high seas she enjoys playing with her dogs Chevy and Enzo.

Melissa Hibbard
Melissa Hibbard|Administrator

Melissa stepped into a high-speed role as NPO Office Administrator in 2016.  With a background in office administration and customer service Melissa always impresses us with her attention to detail and follow-up.  As a customer, Melissa is usually your first point of contact. She handles our sales schedules, service requests, billing and a number of other administrative roles.  

When she isn't cranking away on her keyboard sending follow-up emails, she can be found spending time with her husband Brian, their daughters Haleigh and Kori and two Siberian huskies Mace and Maya.

Kathy Bouchie
Kathy Bouchie|Accountant

Kathy started with NPO in 2015 as our payroll administrator. She quickly was transitioned into our accountant overseeing all book keeping, payroll, budgeting, and financial reporting responsibilities.

When she isn't lost in a sea of numbers she enjoys spending time with her husband Terry and two children Alora and Ethan.

Jared Batchelder
Jared Batchelder|Project Manager

Jared joined the team in 2018 as our Design/Build Division's Project Manager. He manages both private residential and commercial landscape installations. His calm and organized approach to project management allows for seamless installations for both our crews and clients alike. He has extensive knowledge with bridging the gap between our partnering landscape architects and builders to price, schedule and execute beautiful landscapes.

When he doesn't have his head down in a set of landscape plans Jared can be found tending to his bees and making honey, fishing, tapping trees for maple sugar, or taking a hike with is Bernese Mountain Dog, Kane.

John Pelkey
John Pelkey|Sales

John has been a member of our office team since 2013. Working in sales and estimating he spends his days measuring, calculating and sending out estimates and providing project management to his customers as our crews perform their projects.

He is extremely detail oriented and ensures that a customer's needs and special requests are met. We know that any estimate John puts together is detailed, clear and accurate.

When he isn't cruising around in his sales truck he is spending time with his wife Lindy enjoying long rides on their Harley Davidson and enjoying weekend getaways throughout New Hampshire and Maine.

Bill McFadden
Bill McFadden|Irrigation/Fert Div. Manager

Bill joined our team in 2017 to head up the Irrigation and Fertilization division. He comes with 15 years of fertilizer and irrigation industry experience. We believe that Bill has actually watched grass grow. He is a wealth of turf management knowledge and his passion for the perfect lawn drives his success.

When he isn't studying books on turf weeds and disease, Bill spends his free time coaching youth sports, traveling, and snowboarding around the country.

Michael Rodrick
Michael Rodrick|Blown-In Div. Manager

Michael hopped on board in 2016. His drive and ability to problem solve and build efficiency made him a perfect fit to head up our Blown-In Products Division. Mike is responsible for the production of our (2) Specialized Finn 1208 pneumatic blower trucks as they install thousands of yards of mulch, silt sock and compost throughout the state.

When he isn't laying down perfectly smooth mulch he spends his time in the mountains on his snowboard or with his feet in the sand at the beach.

Steve Cahill
Steve Cahill|Design/Build Div. Manager

If there was a certification for being a landscape guru Steve would be it. He brings over 25 years of experience in Design/Build Landscape Construction, Pruning, Planting, Maintenance, Snow Removal and Excavation. From construction expansive hardscapes to transplanting a 50 year old specimen tree there is nothing that Steve can't handle. His level of landscape knowledge, professionalism and work ethic make him the perfect leader of our Design/Build Landscape Division.

In the winter, Steve is our snow Area Manager or a 1-Million square foot plowing property leading a team of 8 snow pros.

For fun, Steve works. He honestly never stops. We've tried. If we can get him to slow down for a moment, he can be found out and about with his daughter at soccer practice, the lake swimming, or off on other adventures.

George Fairburn
George Fairburn|Construction Div. Manager

George joined the NPO team in 2017 to build and develop our new Construction Division. With over 20 years of General Construction, Custom Home-building, and Garage Door Installation experience George is a true master of the construction trade. With his skills and expertise, we are able to expand our service offering to the construction market focusing on decks, garage doors, and light building.

George spends his weekends at his lake house in Ossipee NH. He enjoys camp fires with family and friends and spending time on the boat.

Kevin Demmons
Kevin Demmons|Fleet Manager

Kevin joined the team in 2017 as the NPO Fleet Manager. He oversees both daily preventative maintenance and repair of our large fleet consisting of over 35 trucks and 45 different skid-steers, loaders, excavators, mini-loaders, and tractors. Kevin's shares the "lets get it done" attitude with the rest of the team working a normal work week and going above and beyond on weeks and in the middle of the night during a snow storm to keep the fleet going.

When Kevin isn't under a truck turning a wrench, he can be found spending time with his wife Meghan and daughter Olivia.

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